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This Website is dedicated to the Men and Women that keep this Great Country Moving, from those in the Shipping and Receiving to Dispatch on to the Truck Drivers, Thanks for the job you do!
I am Proud to be a part of this great industry

helping to educate the public about real life on the road, real adventure and all from a REAL Truck Driver

This Is A Trucker Podcast
Jeff Forester

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Welcome Trucker Tom my Mentor "The Originator Of Truckin' Podcast with a great touch of Philosophy
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  Description: Travel The Big and Small roads together with me as we travel across this great beautiful land together. Let's Go Truckin I am The Internets most CrAzY Truck Driver !!! "I am TruckerTwotimes"

Welcome Me, TruckerTwotimes The Internets CrAzIeSt Truck Driver Podcaster

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The TruckerTwotimes Podcast

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Welcome TexOmatic our newest Truckin Podcaster, check him out.

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Welcome TruckerSteve to the Trucker Podcaster Family New Podcaster

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Welcome Eskimo Sean A Canadian Truck Driver Podcaster
The Eighteen Wheeler Podcast

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Ride along with "Eskimo" Sean as he winds his way across north America. Just a man and time on his hands.


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening

This is Trucker Twotimes I'm an Over The Road Long Haul Truck Driver comin' atcha from the "big road" in my Big Rig,
I cordially invite you to join me as I do my Podcast from the Beautiful Hiways and Byways of this Beautiful Country

I actually do my own Podshow from my Big Truck, wherever I go, I can get on the internet and load up, I am having fun and working at the same time.

I talk about "Trucking" I mention where I am at and what I am doing, if you have ever wandered how a Trucker lives, you can know as I don't hold back on anything, I also do restaurant reviews, Truck Stop reviews, movie reviews, product reviews, people reviews, gas and diesel price watch and reports, just anything that is on my mind

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*** Trucker Tom Thomas R. Wiles receives the Golden Cigar Award ***
See Video filmed live on location January 3, 2007

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See Pictures Of My Travels Across The Beautiful U.S.A.

Visit My friend and Podcast Podshow Hero
"Trucker Tom" as he does his commentary show from his "Big Rig" as he travels across the Country   My Podcasting met and aquired Friend Tom Wiles and Me
See The New Movie Starring TruckerTom and TruckerTwotimes


"Trucker Tom" is Thomas R. Wiles, Tom was in the beginning and is at present my main inspiration in doing everything that is on this website, a very special THANKS to Trucker Tom, who truly is an Ambassador to the Podcast and Trucking Industry, be sure to check out his website homepage at also, if you love art and ink, you'll enjoy seeing Tom, and if you love good entertainment in an audio format, Tom is the man! to listen to...

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This websites birthday is September 22, 2006
Jeff Forester
Trucker Twotimes

The Trucker Twotimes Show
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