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Friday, September 6, 2019


Jesus Christ ~ The 🙮Rock of the Old Testament

Salvation Mountain 📿 🏴𝅰 U+1D70

Jesus Rock
Slab City, CA  USA🏴𝅰 U+1D70

 September 6, 2019

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This is a Short Video Showing Salvation Mountain, Jesus Rock and Slab City in California
🍃    GOD IS LOVE       
this is the short video of Salvation Mountain and Jesus Rock around Slab City, CA

Advice from Grandpa
click here to watch Grandpa

Bonus Footage From Grandpa :)

Monday, August 12, 2019

Our Purpose For Living...

⌣Our purpose for living:

Our purpose for living is to Praise GOD!

Praise GOD! our kids are safe!

*Praise GOD! we have food and drinks

Praise GOD! I (we) (us) (them) (they) have a Roof Over Our Head!

Praise GOD! we have family

Praise GOD! we have friends

*Praise GOD! we have money to even buy food and drinks...

Praise GOD! we have transportation

Praise GOD! we have Salvation

Praise GOD! we have a device to read this on...

PRAISE GOD! FILL IN THE BLANK______________________.

Motorcycle Riding Giphy

this is a motorcycle ride giphy #motorcyclegify #ride