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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Industrial Hemp Farms™ Cannabis | CBD | Top Shelf Bud

Industrial Hemp Farms™  Cannabis |  CBD  |  Top Shelf Bud  | A TruckerTwotimes™ Approved 🌿Herb Company

Bud Of Cannabis
TruckerTwotimes™ Industrial Hemp FarmsHemp Cannabis Bud with TruckerTwotimes™ Presents:
Natural Medicine From God
Indoor Lifter Bud

Indoor Lifter Premium CBD, Hemp, Flower [Bud] (FIRE!)
$5.99 per gram – $900.00 per pound

Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain
Birthday Cake Strain Bud
Birthday Cake CBD Hemp Flower (23.6% Cannabinoids!)
$3.99 per gram – $324.99

Indoor Suver Haze Premium CBD Hemp Flower (FIRE!)

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Top Shelf $5.99 per gram – $900.00

  • Indoor Grown
  • Machine Trimmed
  • Lime Green, Orange Hairs
  • Dank Smell
  • 18.00% Total Cannabinoids
  • Seedless Flower
  • 0.04% Delta-9 THC
I AM TRUCKERTWOTIMES!™ TruckerTwotimes Blog

Tokyo Premium Indoor Bud  |  Fruity Pebbles Premium Bud
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QUALITY BUD, BEST PRICE, U BET 🙋  ©2019 truckertwotimes told ya that :)

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