Friday, August 16, 2019

(private) 🍃LIFE (rough draft)

Have you been to a traditional church? (link to lbc)have you started and quit and started and quit? {turn burn repeat}🤔....
have you worried about how you are dressed? have you wondered who was talking about you to other people? have you even had the slightest concerns?

regardless of if you have or haven't you need to come down to CLF (art work) where you will be welcomed just as you are, i'm not bs'ing you man... to me it's like waling into a movie theatre, from the happy to be here parking lot attendants and smiling happy door greeters :) as I walk in the door, i see a receptionist desk on my right, with a couple friendly happy to be here folks with free business cards for you to share with your friends and neighbors if you want some (free) then, the first thing I do is head over to the big HOT Coffee Pot and fill my travel mug :) (there's cups there too if you didn't bring your own and we got bottled water there too if you don't want coffee :) (free as well) that way you won't be parched with a dry mouth as you walk into the Collesium atmosphere with the stage lit up like a Rock Concert Stage, the seat lighting is low kind of like in a movie theatre, so it's easy on my eyes :) ... the band is playing and singing Praise Songs (that Rock!) to the Lord, as I sit down with my GOOD HOT COFFEE, I can enjoy the band sitting or standing... (i put my coffee down to stand :)
We've got 2 big ole T.V. Screens on the wall with the words to the music if you want to sing along and those screens also share the bible verses that Emory teaches us from, just like Jesus did in the day, (less the modern day T.V. Screens lol) when Jesus"taught"

the service lasts for 1 hour only.... we have the first service at 9:30 and the second one at 11:00 for those like me that want to sleep in an extra hour :) then after the service is over sometimes we get a snack to hold us over for the road :) I Love to eat.... :)

anyhow, this is just my 2 cents, so if you want to just swing by to just check it out, come on down man...
The Church Building is the old furniture store on top of the hill on the right just past Glass Machinery that is on the left, about 5 miles west of Jonesville, VA on Route 58  Come on by one time just to visit even, I know you''ll like it.  Have a great day and if you want to get beat in a game of Rook this weekend, hit me up :)  Jeff Forester  a.k.a. TruckerTwotimes
btw i almost forgot they got a Nickelodeon room there for the kids so they are entertained in the teaching manor they definitely understand about Jesus too...⍏

Monday, August 12, 2019

Our Purpose For Living...

⌣Our purpose for living:

Our purpose for living is to Praise GOD!

Praise GOD! our kids are safe!

*Praise GOD! we have food and drinks

Praise GOD! I (we) (us) (them) (they) have a Roof Over Our Head!

Praise GOD! we have family

Praise GOD! we have friends

*Praise GOD! we have money to even buy food and drinks...

Praise GOD! we have transportation

Praise GOD! we have Salvation

Praise GOD! we have a device to read this on...

PRAISE GOD! FILL IN THE BLANK______________________.

Motorcycle Riding Giphy

this is a motorcycle ride giphy #motorcyclegify #ride